Who is it for?

Over the years, we have had company leaders come to us with comments like:

“I have very talented people, but they appear to work as a collection of individuals rather than as part of a close-knit team.”

“I have a great team, but nothing seems to please them and some of them don’t get along.”

“I have someone on my team who doesn’t ‘fit in’, is underperforming or not achieving their potential.”

“I’m inundated, overwhelmed and have limited time to support my team while attending to other areas of the business.”

“There is a disconnect between leadership and employees.”

Situations like these are far from uncommon.

All too often, as company leaders, we let issues slide or hope the odd personnel change might fix things. This approach rarely allows your business to reach its full potential; or worse, it might result in an unhealthy work environment, poor company reputation and constant employee turnover.

Rather than stopgap fixes, what you really need is to set up systems that enhance teamwork and communication, and for people to love what they do.

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