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Adding Analytics to the “Eye Test”

You’re a leader who has an opening on your team.  You’ve completed your job description, and now you’re ready to post the job and wait for the resumes to start pouring in.  Once you narrow down to the candidates you will invite for an interview, there are some considerations:

Finding the Ideal Fit for the Position

Self-awareness is a key building block to being a great team player.  However, what if you’re adding an individual to your team, and you’re not sure how self-aware he or she is?  Even if you’re a great interviewer, are you really sure that this candidate is the ideal fit for the role?  What if you have 2 candidates that are great on paper – is one better suited to the role than the other?  If so, how can you tell?

Self-Awareness: Not everyone is aware!

The ‘path to trust’ leading to ‘open communication’ (see diagram below) is the ideal situation with any team, organization or even family.  However, there are other key considerations, perhaps the most important being: self-awareness.  How do your own behaviours affect your relationships with others?  Understanding your ‘internal self-awareness’ is a good start!

Workplace Gossip: How to Control Social Inflammation

If you haven’t heard of the term “social inflammation”, it’s probably because I made it up!  It was after witnessing certain scenarios in the workplace, that I felt compelled to come up with an analogy to demonstrate its damaging effects.  Don’t worry, it’s not a physical condition, but it certainly is mental!

Accountability — Everyone is watching

Houston, we have a problem! Imagine a co-worker that exhibits the following behaviours:
  • Always late for meetings, with poor excuses (if any);
  • Is unfamiliar with telling the truth;
  • Will blame co-workers for errors that they have made;

Mental Fermentation: A valuable vehicle of open communication

What is Mental Fermentation? Fermentation is a metabolic process that catalyzes chemical change over time.  For example, grapes are fermented to create wine. I’ve taken this process and applied it to communication and call it: “Mental Fermentation”.

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