A personal touch

Meet Mike Zimic

Human Scaffold is led by Mike Zimic, whose years of experience and success in this field led him to create programs designed to empower companies just like yours.

Someone once told him: “You’re one of those people that think you can get everyone to get along”.

His answer was a resounding “YES”! He has spent his life trying to understand what motivates people and using this to help people to get along, both in his personal life and at work. His team of specialists is committed to help your team to improve communication in order to maximize productivity while delivering optimal results to your customers, clients and each other.

The Human Scaffold Experience means you and your team will work directly with Mike. You will receive reliable and dependable service, with detailed plans, realistic deadlines, easy availability via phone, email and text, and follow-up on all deliverables.

A premium is placed on delivering value every step of the way and the ultimate customer service in all aspects of The Human Scaffold Experience.

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